title. ASAHI, SOMERSBY, NIKKA WHISKY & KINGFISHER @ Noosa Food and Wine Festival

date. 2012 & 2013

city. Noosa

activation. Asahi Premium Beverages sponsored Noosa Food and Wine Festival to showcase Somersby, Asahi and Kingfirsher. We designed and built a Somersby bar bus and themed the seating area inline with the Whimsical branding at the time. We also designed and built a premium Asahi bar to showcase some of Asahi's new products for those who had had enough wine and wanted to drink beer.


We hosted special ticketed event to showcase Asahi, Somersby and Kingfisher with a famous Japanese chef (Sake restaurant) to food pair with Asahi, famous Indian chef to food pair with Kingfisher and a couple of chefs whom incorporated the drinks into their live cooking performance which our guests enjoyed. Dessert was made with Somersby Cider.


Asahi also wanted to reward their biggest publicans and pub groups by treating them to a weekend curated by us involving golf at Coolum Golf Course, massages and pedicures for their wives and partners, lunches, dinners, a boat ride, VIP experiences at Noosa Food and Wine, premium accommodation, flights and nothing to worry about.