date. 2017

city. Darwin, Melbourne and shown on national TV

activation. Extensive research showed at time of activation that a high percentage of indigenous males were smoking and it was our job to try and connect with them to to educate the health benefits and help them feel supported in their decision to quit. We engaged Sir Michael Long and the wonderful Jandamarra Cadd to film a piece which was broadcasted on the big screen during the Dreamtime game in AFL and Indigenous Round NRL.

response. AFL TV ratings were an impressive 862,488 for the Dreamtime match (FTA Metro = 430,805, FTA Regional 192,043 and STV 239,640) Attendance at the game was 85,656. 

NRL TV ratings peaked at 4.046 mil, average viewers 3.527 mil, 60 sec Don't Make Smokes Your Story was played at half time. Attendance was 50,390(capacity 52,500)

in colab with MKTG