title. HOLDEN Equinox Launch

date. 2017

city. National campaign with activations in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

activation. Holden were launching a new SUV targeted towards females of 30 - 45 y/o. The Equinox was happening later September. We celebrated the Equinox by launching the Equinox, on the Equinox. everyone with a posey for flowers, on a Friday, as a surprise, for fun, from Holden. 

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane had 2 x locations on Friday morning each and Adelaide and Perth had one. We gave out 5,000 bunches of flowers to completely unsuspecting commuters and city dwellers as a gift from Holden - bunch of legends!

The response and reactions were amazing and priceless. How often do you get a free bunch of $50 flowers .... just cause of the Equinox.

in colab with MKTG