date. 2017

city. Sydney

activation. Okinawa wanted to target wealthy 35- 45 year olds who like to 'choose their own adventure' when travelling. They wanted to showcase some of the history, the natural beauty, the art, culture, karate, calligraphy, food and beverage from Okinawa.

We contacted sourced a unique venue which would create a tropical environment to reflect Okinawa. We partnered with Flight Centre to create a special package to Okinawa for our guest, flew over a Karate Master (the grandson of Mr Miyagi), hosted a PR launch with special guests and got write-ups in local press including timeout, urban list, event finder, concrete playground, Twitter, 468 reposts on instagram ....

We then gave visitors, free karate classes, free yoga classes, free tea ceremonies throughout the 3 x weeks of the activation. 

response2,000 visitors, 60 yoga participants, 120 karate participants

in colab with MKTG