title. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Quit for you, Quit for two

date. 2016 & 2017

city. National - in-store

activation. Research showed that are 2 points when Women consider quitting smoking when they are pregnant. The first stage is when they discover that they are pregnant or considering pregnancy so we educated at the point of purchases of pregnancy testing kits. We contacted Forelife to partner with us and get the message out. We stickered and distributed through their channels into major pharmacies and chemists across Australia. Distribution went national. Expansion into 2017 involved more POS, brochures, more education and much bigger reach. This activity was accompanied by an app for individuals to use at home to remind them of the negative imapcts of smoking while pregnant, a print and social media campaign assisted. However the impact of the POS and stickets on the pregnancy testing kits had a powerful impact.


 “The Quitfor2” campaign was excellent.  As Pharmacists we are acutely aware of the risks of smoking during pregnancy.  The problem we face is that it’s sometimes difficult to pick the smokers, especially when they’re only occasional smokers and you don’t want to offend people if they’re not smokers by asking.

Putting the stickers on the pack meant that the message got to everyone.  Sometimes we would have people ask us about quitting and that then gave us a chance to start the conversation with them but even when that didn’t happen, just getting the message to every mum, or even potential mum, was invaluable.

I think the bright stickers on the pack stood out at shelf so even if people didn’t necessarily buy the Forelife brand, the message got through to anyone buying from the pregnancy test section.  Sometimes people might only buy one test, but in many cases, we see the same people a few times.  The first time they might be buying an ovulation test kit, then it may be the pregnancy test kit, and with pregnancies taking longer these days, this cycle can happen quite a few times.  This means that each time that woman came to the section, the message was delivered again and again.  Also, by stickering the packs, the message went home with the potential new mum.

I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of this campaign and we hope to see it continue.”

Pharmacist from Mt Druitt, NSW with a low socioeconomic area with a hight rate of smoking

in colab with MKTG