title. ArchiTeam 2019 National Conference

date. May 2019

city. Melbourne, VIC

activation.  ArchiTeam is a co-op of over 700 architects in Australia. ArchiTeam was founded 26 year ago by Architects for Achitects. ArchiTeam provides new and emerging architect firms the support and networking opportunities to grow and develop into businesses they want to be. ArchiTeam engaged VEE to seek relevant potential sponsors who were interested in aligning with the ArchiTeam members, fostering relationships and providing the ArchiTeam members an amazing, world class conference with the support of the established Creative Directors who lead the conference direction. Warwick Milhay, Rosemary Ross, Rob Davidof, Aimee Goodwin, Lucinda Owen, Thom Mckenzie & CEO of ArchiTeam, Phoebe La Gerche-Wijsman.

The partners who joined us on this journey and are still sponsors to this date were: Living Fire, Brickworks, Built Environment Channel (BEC), Melbourne University (Melbourne School of Design), Valley Windows, Aussie Gutter Protection, Vectorworks.

We curated a day filled with Architects and non Architect speakers who presented within the theme 'Making a Living'.  Ben Shrewy (Attica Restaurant), Timothy Hill (Architect, Tas), Flora Samuel (Academic, Reding University UK), Justin Kabbani (Hard Hat Marketing), Mat Hinds (Architect, Tas), Jorge Ambrosi (Architect, Mexico), Frankie Layton (The Dirt Company),  Chema Bould (Bower Architecture, Melbourne), Ray Brown (Business Consultant) and Peter Raisbeck (Academic at Melbourne University) wowed and inspired the audience. We made the conference available to the attendees after the conference as well.

230 Architects and media attended at the Melbourne Museum event. The feedback on Making a living 2019 was astonishing.