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Frankston City Council: Encounter

We brought to life one of Smugg’s stunning 8m tall artworks as well as a collection of other art pieces we brought to Franskton. We then worked with the Council to develop an AR Treasure Hunt. The treasure hunt taught people the history of Frankson and gave clues to find the next location and piece of art. The event was considered a huge success and increased footfall in the city.

Frankston City Council wanted to drive visitation and positive economic impact into the city centre to support local businesses. We knew that Frankston had won tourism awards for its incredible street art. We decided to focus on this and highlight the existing art while adding to it in a new way. Enter augmented reality.

Nov 2021 - March 2022

Frankston, VIC

- Concept Development 

- Design 

- Install

- Event Management


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